Access for Large Projects

To gain access to the HTS facility and the institutional libraries for large screening projects, principal investigators must submit a four-page proposal that includes the following elements: 

  • Abstract introducing the aims of the project and the approach to be used
  • One page of background describing the relevance of the project to cancer
  • Description of the screening strategy that will be employed
  • Estimate of reagent, consumables, and instrument usage costs
  • Name of scientist from the PI’s lab that will be dedicated to the experiment
  • Description of secondary and counter screening assays for prioritizing the compounds
  • If applicable, a stated request for Cancer Center funding for screening supplies

Both the practicality and the scientific and therapeutic value of the approach for screening are assessed by the Cancer Center HTS Oversight Committee, headed by Michael Roth, Ph.D., in the Biochemistry Department. Dr. Posner, the Core Director, and the HTS team will help evaluate the cost and practicality of the proposed assay such as the number of liquid handling and wash steps, timing, reagent volumes, and necessary controls. If Cancer Center funding is requested, the HTS Oversight Committee will review the request and decide whether funds can be awarded. The maximal award is $12,500, and funds must be spent on screening supplies.

For advice about for applying for Cancer Center support, contact Dr. Posner by Email.

To submit a proposal to the HTS Oversight Committee, send the proposal as an MS Word document or a PDF by email to Dr. Roth at Email. Dr. Roth will submit the proposal to the HTS Oversight Committee for review and provide feedback to the principal investigator.