Screening of Chemical Compounds or siRNA Libraries

The UT Southwestern High Throughput Screening Core works collaboratively with principal investigators on both chemical and genome-wide siRNA Screens. We also offer access to an arrayed CRISPR library for the follow-up to small molecule and RNAi screens as well as for tailoring a focused CRISPR screen to a particular biological or disease-related question. In each case, a project begins with a discussion between the principal investigator and the Core director, Dr. Bruce Posner. We cover the goals of the screening project as well as the associated assays and proof-of-concept studies. If the project is within the scope of the Core’s mission and capabilities, then a scientist from the Core is assigned to work as a point of contact (POC) for the scientist spearheading the project in the principal investigator’s lab. Together, they optimize the assays for robustness and reproducibility (For more details, please see “Assay Development” under this header.). Once the assays for the project are ready to go, then screening ensues. See other sections under this heading (“Chemical Pilot Screens” & “Large Screens”) for more details on Core support and capabilities.

For details regarding access to run small or large screening projects as well as advanced projects with the Core (chemical tool development or pre-clinical drug discovery project support), please see the corresponding sections under “Access and Support”.