Grant Funding

  • NIGMS 1 U01 GM107623 McKnight 08/01/14-07/31/18

    Reversible Polymerization of Low Complexity Polypeptide Sequences as a Framework for Understanding the Regulation of Information Flow from Gene to mRNA to Protein

    For over 100 years it has been known that eukaryotic cells contain dynamic puncta not invested by surrounding membranes. Cytosolic versions of these puncta include various forms of RNA granules, whereas nuclear versions have been described as Cajal bodies, nuclear speckles, and "transcription factories". The underlying science of this grant application offers a structural framework for understanding how these puncta form, and how the dynamics of this enigmatic example of the cellular organization may impact information flow from gene to mRNA to protein.

    Role: PI
  • NCI 5 R01 CA185169-02 McKnight and Tu 04/01/14-02/28/19

    Targeting Acetyl-CoA Metabolism for the Discovery of New Anti-cancer Therapeutics

    The goal of this proposal is to comprehensively investigate the feasibility of targeting aspects of acetyl-CoA metabolism for the discovery of anti-cancer therapeutics.

    Role: Co- PI