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Given the nature of our interdisciplinary research we tend to maintain a lab with ~20 members. In such an environment, those graduate students and postdocs who excel are self-driven and willing to engage in rigorous peer-to-peer training. We also welcome applications from student and fellow candidates with explicit interests in dual-lab membership. At UTSW we have longstanding collaborations with the Fiolka lab. Other, applicant-initiated collaboration arrangements are possible as well.

While the lab is well-funded, the application for fellowships and other forms of independent funding is a mandatory part of the mentorship offered by Gaudenz Danuser, both at the graduate student and postdoctoral fellow levels. As members of the Lyda Hill Department of Bioinformatics, fellows with independent funding receive significant financial incentives. We also welcome candidates for postdoctoral trainee positions with relevant industrial experience. Limited financial resources are available to fill some of the compensation gap between academic and private sector research positions.

The lab is fully equipped for state-of-the-art molecular cell biology, microscopy, and computer science research. We are supported by highly professional staff members and project managers, who offer trainees unique expertise in bench and desk work and who ensure a longitudinal transfer of lab know-how.


Where our trainees go …


Name and Specialty First Position After Training
Orlando Arguello-Miranda
Molecular Biology (K99 Fellow)
North Carolina State University, Raleigh (Assistant Professor, Plant and Microbial Biology)
Eric Welf
Systems Biology (K25 Fellow)
Regeneron, Westchester, New York (Senior Research Associate, Systems Pharmacology) 
Phillippe Roudot
Computer Science (HFSP Fellow)
 University of Marseille, France (Assistant Professor, Turing Center for Living Systems)
Christoph Burckhardt
Cell Biology (Swiss National Science Foundation Fellow, Roche Research Foundation Fellow)
 Lonza, Visp, Switzerland (Senior Research Scientist)
Quiyang Shao
 Wells Fargo (Data Scientist)
Xiao Ma
Mechanical Engineering
New York University, New York (Assistant Professor, Bioengineering)
Maria Bagonis
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (Postdoctoral Researcher, Computer Science & Psychiatry)
Kevin Dean
Chemistry (NIH F32 awardee)
UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas (Assistant Professor, Department of Cell Biology)
Assaf Zaritzky
Computer Science
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Be'er-Sheva, Israel (Assistant Professor, Department of Software and Information Systems Engineering)
Zhengwen Zhang
Southern Methodist University, Dallas (Master's program in computer science)
Zhuo Gan
Censeo Health, Dallas (Data Analyst)
Sangyoon Han
Mechanical Engineering
Michigan Tech University, Houghton, Michigan (Assistant Professor for Biomedical Engineering)
Claudia Schaefer
Cell Biology
MIT/Koch Institute for Cancer Research, Boston, Massachusetts (Research Associate)
Liya Ding
Computer Science
Allen Institute for Cell Science, Seattle, Washington (Research Associate)
Marco Vilela
Applied Mathematics (NIH F32 awardee)
Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island (Research Faculty)
Deepak Chitajallu
Computer Science
Kitware Inc. Chapel Hill, North Carolina (Staff Scientist)
Francois Aguet
Computer Science (SNSF awardee)
Broad Institute, Boston, Massachusetts (Staff Scientist)
Alexis Lomakin
Cell Biology
King's College London, London, UK (King's Prize Fellow and Group Leader)
Nancy Costigliola
Cell Biology
Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts (second postdoc with Tim Mitchison)
Kwonmoo Lee
Physics and Biochemistry (NIH F32 awardee)
Worcester Polytechnical Institute, Massachusetts (Assistant Professor in Bioengineering)
Michelle Mendoza
Cell Biology (NIH K25 awardee, joint postdoc with John Blenis)
UC San Francisco, California (Assistant Professor in Cell Biology)
Laura-Anne Lowery
Developmental Biology (NIH K99/R00 awardee, joint postdoc with Davie Van Vactor)
Boston College, Massachusetts (Assistant Professor in Cell Biology)
Uli Schmid
Biophysics (DFG awardee)
TWT Science and Innovation, Stuttgart, Germany (Research Project Manager)
Sylvain Berlemont
Computer Science
Founder & CEO, Keen Eye Technologies, Paris, France
Allen Liu
Biophysics (Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Fellowship, NIH K99/R00 awardee, joint postdoc with Sandra Schmid)
U. Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan (Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering)
Achim Besser
Biophysics (DFG awardee)
BASF Research, Ludwigshafen, Germany (Research Group Leader)
Christian Dittrich
Chemistry (Novartis Research Foundation fellowship)
Merck Millipore, Schaffhausen, CH (Project Manager)
Andrea Bacconi
Cell Biology (SNSF awardee)
TSRI, La Jolla, California (Second postdoc with Velia Fowler)
Mohsen Sabouri
TSRI, La Jolla, California (Staff Scientist)
Khuloud Jaqaman
Physics (Helen Hay Whitney Foundation fellow)
UT Southwestern Medical Center (Assistant Professor in Biophysics)
Shann-Ching Chen
Computer Science
Institute for Computational Health Sciences, UC San Francisco, California (Staff Scientist)
Dinah Loerke
University of Denver, Colorado (Assistant Professor in Physics)
Ge Yang
Applied Mathematics
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Assistant Professor in Bioengineering)
Lin Ji
Applied Mathematics
Einstein College of Medicine, New York City. (Assistant Professor in Cell Biology)
Matthias Machacek
Mechanical Engineering (SNSF awardee, Novartis Research Foundation awardee)
Novartis AG, Basel, CH
Pascal Vallotton
CSIRO, Sydney, Australia (Lab Head)
Gabor Csucs
Light Microscopy Center, ETH Zurich, Switzerland (Director)

Graduate students

Name and Specialty First Position After Training
Xuexia Jiang
Mathematical Modeling for subcellular Signaling
Medical Student, UT Southwestern, Dallas, Texas
Ning Zhang
Computational and Systems Biology
Postdoctoral fellow in Yuan Lao Lab, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois
Jin Suk Park
Cancer Biology
Postdoctoral fellow in Joan Massagué lab, Sloan Kettering Institute, New York, New York
Ashwathi (Abbee) Mohan
Cancer Biology
Medical student, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri
Youbean Oak
Molecular Biology
Simon-Kucher & Partners Consulting, Boston, Massachusetts
Pei-hsin Hsu
Mathematics and Molecular Biology
Postdoctoral fellow in Angelika Amonrsquo lab, HHMI/MIT, Boston, Massachusetts
Daniel Nunez
Bioengineering (NIH F31 awardee)
Postdoctoral fellow. U. Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Hunter Elliott
Harvard Medical School, Director Image Data Analysis Core Facility, Boston, Massachusetts
James Lin
Cell Biology
Founder and CTO of XCell Biosciences. South San Francisco, California
Kathryn Applegate
Bioinformatics (NSF fellow)
BioLogos Forum (Program Director)
Alexandre Matov
Electrical Engineering
Postdoctoral Fellow in Torsten Wittmann lab, UC San Francisco, California
Jonas Dorn
Biophysics (Roche Research Foundation awardee)
Postdoctoral fellow in Paul Maddox’s lab, IRIC, Montreal, Canada
Toru Fischbach
Synthes, Solothurn, Switzerland
Aaron Ponti
Friedrich Miescher Institute, Basel, Switzerland (Staff Scientist)
Claude Berney
Johnson & Johnson Inc., Ostermundigen, Switzerland (Product Manager)
Dominik Thomann
X-Rite, Regensdorf, Switzerland (Research Engineer)

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Danuser Lab would like to hear from graduate students and postdocs who excel are self-driven and willing to engage in rigorous peer-to-peer training. We also welcome applications from student and fellow candidates with explicit interests in dual-lab membership.