Grant No./
7/20-6/25Ralph Mason, PhD1R01CA244579, NIH/NCIVascular image-guided optimization of response (VIGOR) to therapy in kidney cancerTo develop the application of a novel vascular disrupting agent (VDA) in combination with leading therapies to enhance treatment of renal cell carcinoma (RCC) and improve tumor control.

Carlos Arteaga, MD

Ralph Mason, PhD:  Director of Small Animal Imaging Resource

P30 CA142543, NIH/NCIUT Southwestern Cancer Center Support GrantTo support the infrastructure for the promotion of interdisciplinary, translational cancer research through the efforts of senior leadership, five scientific research programs, six shared resources, protocol specific research, protocol review and monitoring, planning and evaluation activities, developmental funds, community outreach and engagement, education and training, and administration.

Li Zhang, PhD/ Li Liu, PhD

Co-investigator: Ralph Mason, PhD

RP200021, CPRITOptimizing Therapeutic Strategies Against Lung Cancer Using Multi-Modality ImagingTo determine the degree to which CycT (cyclopamine tartrate) and HSP2 (heme-sequestering peptide 2) alleviate tumor hypoxia and normalize tumor vasculature

Alex Lippert, PhD (SMU) 

Local PI: Ralph Mason, PhD

NSF 1653474; subcontract from Southern Methodist UniversityTriggered Energy Transfer Chemiluminescence for In Vivo ImagingTo develop novel chemiluminescent reporter molecules to study physiology.

Leo L Cheng, PhD (MGH)

Local PI: Ralph Mason, PhD

R21 CA243255, NIH/NCI; subcontract from Massachusetts General HospitalProbing Prostate Cancer Bioactivity with Polyamine DynamicsTo develop hyperpolarized polyamine substrates as metabolic indicators of prostate cancer.