Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance do phlebotomy services outside NA2.118 need to be placed?

  • In order to avoid scheduling conflicts we ask that you contact the HGCL as soon as you know about a blood draw to ensure we are available. We ask that all orders be placed within 48 hours of a blood draw.

Who do I need to contact to check scheduling a phlebotomy service?

  • Please contact Julie Nguyen at 214-648-1311

Does the HGCL provide phlebotomy services in the lab or only at outside locations?

  • Services can be provided on-site, McDermott Center NA2.118, along with on-campus and off-campus.

What if I need to cancel/change a phlebotomy appointment?

  • Please contact Julie Nguyen at 214-648-1311 as soon possible to ensure we can accommodate the request.

What are the time phlebotomy services are provided?

  • Phlebotomy services are provided Monday–Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Does the PI have to provide their own tubes when needing a blood draw?

  • The Core provides all blood drawing equipment and tubes needed, unless PI’s would like to use their own/different tubes than provided.

What tubes can the HGCL provide when drawing blood?

  • 4ml purple EDTA tops
  • 10ml purple EDTA tops
  • 8.5ml yellow ACD tops
  • 5ml gold SST tops

Will we be billed if the participant cancels or the phlebotomist is unable to obtain blood flow?

  • There will be no charge if an appointment has to be canceled/reschedule. Unless the phlebotomist is able to obtain blood flow, there will be no charge.