Extramural Presentations from MTF Wolf (Selection)

  • “Physiology of Magnesium Homeostasis for the Clinician“. (became enduring CME activity) National Kidney Foundation, Spring Clinical meetings, Virtual/Simulive, 04/06/2021
  • “TRPM6, Uromodulin, and Renal Magnesium Balance“. American Society of Nephrology, Kidney Week 2019, Washington DC, 11/09/2019
  • “Magnesium balance disorders: Principles and Case Discussions“. American Society of Nephrology, Kidney Week 2019, Washington DC, 11/05/2019
  • “The influence of proteins in human urine on development of kidney stones“, University Children’s Hospital, Center for Pediatric Nephrology, Gastroenterology and Metabolic Disorders, MHH Hannover, Germany
  • “Klotho ameliorates kidney and heart disease in the UmodC93F/C93F mouse“. Epithelial Physiology and Cell Biology, Telluride Science Research Center, Telluride, CO, 07/29/2019
  • “Uromodulin regulates renal magnesium homeostasis through the ion channel transient receptor potential melastatin 6 (TRPM6)“. Emerging Concepts in Kidney Physiology and Disease, San Diego, CA, 10/24/2018
  • “Nephrolithiasis – New etiologies for an old disease“. Center for Molecular Medicine (ZMMK). University of Cologne, Germany, 03/13/2018
  • “Uromodulin and nephrolithiasis”. American Society of Nephrology, Kidney Week 2017, New Orleans, 11/04/2017
  • “Hypomagnesemic syndromes”. International Pediatric Nephrology Association, Iguaҫu, Brazil, 09/22/2016
  • “Nephronophthisis with overlapping phenotypes“. American Society of Nephrology, Kidney Week 2014, Philadelphia, 11/14/2014
  • "Mechanisms of injury in uromodulin-associated kidney disease." Invited speaker. Symposium: "ADPKD and other hereditary diseases". Congress of the European Renal Association and European Dialysis and Transplant Association (ERA-EDTA), Stockholm, Sweden, 05/12/2008