We have a long history of training young research personnel and are interested in recruiting students, fellows, and post-docs. Our lab has members with a wide range of backgrounds, and we welcome new members who add to our diversity. If you are interested we highly encourage you to reach out to us by Email.

As outlined above our laboratory employs a wide range of techniques from electrophysiology (different patch-clamp approaches and configurations), protein biochemistry (western-blotting, biotinylation assays, co-immunoprecipitation,…), high throughput assays, in vivo models (genetically modified mice) to translational research in humans.

Our laboratory has a strong commitment to education and training. We have trained several students, fellows, and technicians in a wide range of techniques including:

  • mouse breeding and genotyping
  • whole mouse physiology with metabolic cage studies
  • quantitative PCR
  • western blotting
  • co-immunoprecipitation
  • tissue culture and cell transfection
  • culture of primary tubular cells
  • high-throughput screening assay
  • patch-clamp recording including whole-cell and single cell configurations, primary tubular cells in split open tubule