May 2024


BIRTLab prime ribeye celebration.

March 2024

Dr. Xiangkun (Jack) Xu accepted residency position

Congratulations to Dr. Xiangkun (Jack) Xu for accepting an offer from Corewell/Beaumont Health as a medical physics resident for the class of 2024.

November 2023

Dr. Tong received PDA Travel Award

Zhishen Tong, Ph.D., a postdoctoral fellow, received UT Southwestern Medical Center's Postdoctoral Association (PDA) Travel Award for the 2024 SPIE Photonics West Conference. The work that earned him this honor was entitled, “Theoretical and numerical studies of single-pixel imaging for high-sensitivity bioluminescence imaging and tomography.”

Medical Physics - The International Journal of Medical Physics Research and Practice

October 2023

Paper selected as "Editor's Choice" in Medical Physics

Dr. Xiangkun Xu's work, "Characterization of a commercial bioluminescence tomography-guided system for pre-clinical radiation research," was selected as "Editor's Choice" in Emerging Imaging and Therapy Modalities in October's issue of Medical Physics. Other BIRTLab authors include Dr. Zijian Deng and Dr. Wang.

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August 2023

Dr. Wang at Optica Imaging Congress 2023

Dr. Wang gave an invited talk, "Bioluminescence tomography-guided system for preclinical cancer research," at Optica Imaging Congress 2023. He also chaired a session, RadIT: Imaging for Medicine.

Dr. Xiangkun Xu

July 2023

Dr. Xiangkun Xu recognized for abstract

Dr. Xu was recognized for his abstract "A novel fluorescence tomography-guided system for pre-clinical radiation research" and gave a presentation during the Science Council Session of the annual American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) meeting, held July 23-27 in Houston, TX. This award recognizes outstanding scientific abstracts on a topic identified by Science Council as being at the frontier of medical physics.

May 2023

New Ph.D. candidates

Graduate students Banghao Zhou and Lixiang Guo successfully passed their Ph.D.-qualifying exams and are officially Ph.D. candidates. Congratulations Banghao and Lixiang!

April 2023

Abstracts selected for oral presentation at AAPM 2023

Five abstracts from the BIRTLab team were selected for oral presentation at the 2023 American Association of Physicists in Medicine Annual Meeting. Dr. Xiangkun Xu will present “A novel fluorescence tomography-guided system for pre-clinical radiation research” in the Science Council Session: Innovation in Medical Physics. Lixiang Guo, Ph.D. student on the medical physics track, will present “An in vivo oxygen transport model for FLASH radiotherapy: the impact of physiological conditions” in the Early Career Investigator Symposium.

March 2023

Xiangkun Xu, Ph.D., promoted to research scientist

Xiangkun Xu, Ph.D., was promoted to research scientist where he will assist Dr. Wang in instructing junior members and managing lab equipment.

August 2022

Publication: Biomedical Optics Express

Z. Deng, X. Xu, I. Iordachita, H. Dehghani, B. Zhang, M. Lim, J. W. Wong, K. K.-H. Wang. “Mobile bioluminescence tomography-guided system for pre-clinical radiotherapy research.”

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May 2022

Publication: SPIE

Drs. Ken Wang, Xiangkun Xu, and Zijian Deng, in collaboration with Dr. Hamid Dehghani from the University of Birmingham, applied a novel optical tomography algorithm to in vivo glioblastoma and pancreatic tumor models. The research shows that quantitative bioluminescence tomography (QBLT) is possible without the need for any prior knowledge of optical parameters, paving the way toward quantitative molecular imaging of exogenous and indigenous tumor functionality.

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May 2022

Zijian Deng, Ph.D., awarded 2022 AAPM Research Seed Funding Grant

Zijian Deng, Ph.D., was one of four recipients of the 2022 AAPM Research Seed Funding Grant, for his research topic of “Ultra-sensitive single-pixel bioluminescence tomography for in vivo cell tracking."

Lab team in PPE working on MuriGlo

November 2021

Bioluminescence tomography system ready for in vivo study

After a few months of work, we finally got MuriGlo ready and moved to UT Southwestern's irradiator room. We hope more groups can benefit from our technology in optical tomography-guided irradiation to advance cancer treatment development!

September 2021

Zijian Deng, Ph.D., promoted to instructor

Zijian Deng, Ph.D., was promoted to instructor. In addition to independent research, Dr. Deng will help Dr. Wang oversee group activities and support the BIRTLab team.

August 2021

Publication: International Journal of Radiation Oncology*Biology*Physics

X. Xu, Z. Deng, H. Dehghani, I. Iordachita, M. Lim, J. W. Wong, K. K.-H. Wang. "Quantitative Bioluminescence Tomography-guided Conformal Irradiation for Pre-clinical Radiation Research." Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 2021.

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July 2021

BIRTLab members contribute to new book

The chapter “Quantitative Bioluminescence Tomography for In Vivo Volumetric-Guided Radiotherapy,” contributed by BIRTLab members, was selected to be part of the book “Biomedical Engineering Technologies: Volume 2 (Methods in Molecular Biology 2394)."

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March 2021

Dr. Xiangkun Xu awarded Spring Conference Travel Award

Dr. Xiangkun Xu was awarded the 2021 Spring Conference Travel Award by the UT Southwestern Postdoctoral Association. Congratulations Dr. Xu!

UTSW north campus

October 2020

BIRTLab moved to UT Southwestern

BIRTLab moved from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, to UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas.