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Discovery fuels insights into early developmental disorders

Dec 05, 2023

A new study led by UT Southwestern Medical Center molecular biologists presents a novel culture system to grow both embryonic and extraembryonic stem cells, potentially providing important insights into the genesis of congenital malformations and early developmental disorders.

Latest Research News

Autism-associated gene alters brain cell identity

Nov 22, 2023

A gene previously linked to autism spectrum disorder (ASD) by UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers appears to play an important role in steering cells in the brain’s hippocampus toward their ultimate identities, the same team reported in a new study. The findings, published in Science Advances, could eventually lead to new therapies for the prevalent neurodevelopmental disorder.

Latest Research News

Device keeps brain alive, functioning separate from body

Nov 02, 2023

Researchers led by a team at UT Southwestern Medical Center have developed a device that can isolate blood flow to the brain, keeping the organ alive and functioning independent from the rest of the body for several hours.

Latest Research News

Study reveals how estrogen exerts its anti-diabetic effects

Oct 23, 2023

– The quintessential female sex hormone estrogen stimulates cells that line blood vessels to deliver insulin to muscles, lowering blood sugar and protecting against Type 2 diabetes, UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers report.

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UT Southwestern labs are recognized worldwide for changing our world. This is where scientists of all backgrounds – from early researchers to Nobel Laureates and all stages in between – work every day to gain new understanding and advance health.

Facts and Figures

Six Nobel Prize recipients since 1985

Alumni Nobel Laureates include Joseph Goldstein and Linda Buck.

14 Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigators
#1 in the world by Nature Index for healthcare institutions
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26 National Academy of Sciences
20 National Academy of Medicine
14 American Academy of Arts and Sciences