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Facts and Figures

Six Nobel Prize recipients since 1985

Alumni Nobel Laureates include Joseph Goldstein and Linda Buck.

14 Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigators
#1 in the world by Nature Index for healthcare institutions
$554.4 million per year to fund faculty research

Faculty Awards & Honors

26 National Academy of Sciences
17 National Academy of Medicine
14 American Academy of Arts and Sciences



August 25, 2022

UTSW study links gene mutation to learning deficits in “Clueless” mice

A single mutation in a gene, Kcnc3, which encodes a potassium channel in neurons, causes learning deficits in mice, UT Southwestern researchers report in a new study in PNAS

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An irradiated Drosophila embryo

August 18, 2022

UTSW study finds p53 gene plays second role in suppressing genes tied to cancer

A gene that’s well known for its role in turning on tumor-suppressing genes when cells become stressed also keeps potential tumor-driving genes turned off, UT Southwestern researchers report in a new study.

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The molecular machinery responsible for SARS-CoV-2 RNA cap synthesis

August 10, 2022

UTSW scientists identify mechanism crucial for COVID-19 virus replication

A team led by UT Southwestern researchers has identified how SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, builds a structure called the RNA cap that’s critical for successful viral replication.

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