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Abrams Lab

We use genetic systems to deconstruct functions associated with the most commonly mutated genes found in human cancers.

  • John M. Abrams, Ph.D.
Transposons Cancer and Cell Death
Cancer Biology Genetics, Development and Disease

Achilefu Lab

Harnessing the power of light to develop methods to understand, diagnose, & treat diseases. The unique strength of the Achilefu Lab (Optical Radiology Lab, ORL) is the ability to develop complete solutions from conception, implementation, and validation to human clinical care. We aim to change the way medicine is practiced.

  • Samuel Achilefu, Ph.D.
Biomedical Engineering

Acute Liver Failure Study Group

The Acute Liver Failure Study Group (ALFSG) is a clinical research network funded by the National Institutes of Health since 1997, to gather important prospective data and biosamples on this rare condition. 

  • William M. Lee, M.D.
  • Shannan Tujios, M.D.

Advanced Imaging and Informatics for Radiation Therapy (AIRT) Lab

The Advanced Imaging and Informatics for Radiation Therapy (AIRT) Lab's research is focused on the development of novel imaging and beam delivery techniques and new machine learning algorithms to improve the efficacy of radiation therapy.

  • Jing Wang, Ph.D., DABR
  • You Zhang, Ph.D., DABR
Clinical Decision Making treatment outcome prediction medical imaging processing medical imaging analysis
Biomedical Engineering

Agarwal Lab

The focus of Dr. Agarwal's research has been on mechanisms of steroid action with emphases on: 1) structure-activity relationships of ligand-steroid receptor interactions, and 2) steroid metabolism.

  • Anil Agarwal, Ph.D.

Agathocleous Lab

We are interested in the relationship between metabolism and cell type. We focus on the metabolism of hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) and their progeny including cells of the myeloid and T cell lineages.

  • Michalis Agathocleous, Ph.D.

Aguilera Lab

Our lab is using various approaches to explore this biology and develop new treatments with a focus on targeting tumor intrinsic factors such as genetic programs like the epithelial to mesenchymal transition that coordinate with infiltrating immune cells in enhance therapeutic resistance and assist distant spread.

  • Todd Aguilera, M.D., Ph.D.
immune microenvironment cancer immunotherapy immunotherapy pancreatic cancer
Cancer Biology Immunology

Akbay Lab

Akbay Lab studies genetic and molecular events that lead to lung-tumor initiation and immune evasion. 

  • Esra Akbay, Ph.D.
Tumor immune escape
Cancer Biology Immunology

Alluri Lab

Our mission is to improve the care of breast cancer patients through cutting-edge translational research at the interface of clinical oncology, cancer biology, molecular genetics, and translational genomics.

  • Prasanna Alluri, M.D., Ph.D.
Breast Cancer
Cancer Biology

Alto Lab

Our goal is to track the signaling dynamics of individual effectors and toxins in living cells, using a combination of fluorescent genetic reporters, microinjection of labeled bacterial proteins, and live cell imaging techniques. 

  • Neal M. Alto, Ph.D.
Cell and Molecular Biology Molecular Microbiology


The ANSIR lab is devoted to the application of novel image analysis methods (e.g. diffeomorphic registration, machine learning, graph theory, ASL) to research studies, as well as to robust clinical translation of these techniques.

  • Joseph A. Maldjian, M.D.
Biomedical Engineering

Ariizumi/Cruz Lab

Our group initially investigated a novel immune checkpoint inhibitor targeting a rare heparan sulfate (rHS) in melanoma treatment. Collaboratively, we explored the potential of a single-domain humanized rHS antibody (1A7 clone) that inhibits DC-HIL function and also angiogenesis and chemokine effects linked to diverse cancer progression signaling pathways. This experience provided insights into rHS-targeting as a promising approach to melanoma therapy.

  • Kiyoshi Ariizumi, Ph.D.
  • Ponciano Cruz, M.D.

Aroumougame Lab

Our group studies the effect of cancer therapeutics and aging on the growth and renewal of heart muscle.

  • Asaithamby Aroumougame, Ph.D.
WRN DNA DNA damage DNA repair DNA replication Werner Syndrome Protein space radiation space radiation
Biomedical Engineering Cancer Biology

Arteaga Lab

The Arteaga laboratory has a longstanding interest in understanding the molecular pathways that drive breast cancer progression and influence response to therapies.

  • Carlos L. Arteaga, M.D.
Cancer Biology

Azab Lab

Multidisciplinary research to beat cancer

  • Abd El Kareem Azab, Ph.D.
biomedical engineering drug delivery Nano-Immuno-Oncology Nanomedicine nanoparticle drugs Drug Discovery cancer biology Tumor microenvironment cancer immunotherapy Endothelial Cell Biology Cell Signaling Targeted cancer therapy Tumor immune escape Translational Research T cells Hypoxia
Biomedical Engineering Cancer Biology