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Infante Lab

Our laboratory actively studies disease processes that disrupt normal metabolism.

  • Rodney Infante, M.D., Ph.D
Cell and Molecular Biology

Institute for Exercise and Environmental Medicine (IEEM)

The Institute for Exercise and Environmental Medicine is a 40,000 square-foot research facility with 12 UTSW faculty working in multiple departments and divisions (Internal Medicine/Cardiology/Pulmonary, Neurology, PM&R, Anesthesiology, Applied Physiology) with up to 20 postdocs, and 40 staff on 70 active protocols and 15 federal grants. It is a research enterprise devoted to the study of human physiology and the limits to human functional capacity in health and disease. 

  • Benjamin Levine, M.D., Tony Babb, Ph.D., Craig Crandall, Ph.D., Qi Fu, M.D., Ph.D., Rong Zhang, Ph.D., Tom Sarma, M.D., James MacNamara, M.D., Christopher M. Hearon, Jr., Ph.D., Renie Guilliod, M.D., James Berry, M.D., Andrew Tomlinson, M.D.

Izumi Lab

In the Izumi Lab, with the ultimate goal of identifying druggable molecules/pathways in pediatric genetic disorders, we investigate the molecular mechanisms of pediatric genetic disorders due to chromosomal abnormalities and chromatin protein mutations. We employ novel genetic approaches by using patient-derived samples, induced pluripotent stem cell models and mutant mouse models.

  • Kosuke Izumi