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Causal inference when perturbations fail

Causal inference when perturbations fail

Noh, Isogai et al publish an integrated statistical and experimental pipeline to determine the causal structure of molecular circuitry with significant redundancy and nonlinear interactions among components.


SH3BP4 -- the link between adhesion and Akt signaling

Christoph Burckhardt discovers how SH3BP4 mediates integrin endocytosis dependent on Akt activity.

Deep learning classifiers

What exactly does a Deep Learner learn?

Assaf Zaritsky, Andrew Jamieson, based on experiments by Erik Welf and Andres Nevarez, propose a mechanism for interpreting complex cell image features driving Deep learning classifiers.


Step off the brakes to get somewhere

Welf et al. discover the necessity of membrane-actin bond release for cell protrusion initiation.



Park, Burckhardt et al. describe a mechanism through which cells modulate their glucose metabolism based on their mechanical surroundings.

Morphogenesis and quantitative understanding of how these processes are coordinated

Danuser Lab takes an interdisciplinary approach that welds together molecular cell biology, live cell imaging, signal processing, computer vision, and mathematics. 

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