Nanoimmune Therapeutics Lab

The Nanoimmune Therapeutics Lab’s mission is to develop and translate novel immunotherapies, with a particular focus on addressing malignant cancers in humans and animals.

Our guiding philosophy is grounded in the fundamental principle that advanced-stage diseases, often requiring complex treatment regimens, can benefit significantly from innovative combinations of drugs and medical devices. In pursuit of this vision, our lab specializes in the development of nanomedicine-based drugs, seamlessly integrated with cutting-edge therapeutic devices such as ultrasound and radiation therapies to specifically accelerate immunotherapeutic advancements.

To facilitate swift translation from research to application, we evaluate our therapeutic products in veterinary patients with spontaneous cancers that mimic their human counterparts. This comparative approach allows us to bridge the gap between human and veterinary medicine, fostering a shared journey towards medical breakthroughs.

Through this collaborative perspective, we envision a one-medicine future where advances in human and veterinary medicine progress hand in hand, nurturing a harmonious world where therapies are more inclusive, advanced, and effective. 

Solid tumor immunomodulation with therapeutic devices/nanoparticles

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