Brown & Goldstein Lab

Michael S. Brown and Joseph L. Goldstein

Meet the PIs

Michael S. Brown, M.D., Regental Professor, is the Director of the Jonsson Center for Molecular Genetics and Co-Director of the MD/PhD Program. 

Joseph L. Goldstein, M.D., Regental Professor, is the Chair of the Department of Molecular Genetics

Our Research

Our laboratory discovered the SREBPs and described their unique transport-dependent proteolytic activation. We then discovered SCAP the two proteases that process SREBPs, and the role of Insigs as ER retention proteins. We are exploring the molecular mechanisms by which cholesterol, fatty acids, and insulin control this process. We use experimental systems ranging from protein crystallography to cell biology to animal physiology. Over the years we have trained more than 20 graduate students and 100 postdoctoral fellows, all of whom are pursuing productive careers in biomedical research.