Dauer Lab

Our mission is to unravel the cellular mechanisms of motor system diseases.

The central goal of our studies is to unravel the molecular and cellular mechanisms of diseases that disrupt the motor system. In exploring these diseases, we also aim to understand a fundamental question relevant to CNS disease generally: what factors determine the selective vulnerability of particular cell types or circuits to insults? Our primary focus is on Parkinson’s disease and inherited forms of dystonia. We focus our efforts on disease genes that cause these disorders, employing a range of molecular, cellular, and whole animal studies to dissect the normal role of disease proteins, and how pathogenic mutations lead to disease.

Our Commitment

The Dauer lab is committed to creating and nourishing an environment that attracts diverse trainees and allows all members to thrive, grow, and excel. We encourage each member to embrace their authentic selves and to express their unique creative voices.

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