Fragile X Syndrome Research Center

Center for Collaborative Research in Fragile X

The Fragile X Syndrome Research Center is a team of investigators from UT Southwestern and the University of California at Riverside. The Center supports three projects representing a multilevel, integrated approach that tests mechanisms of sensory neocortical dysfunction in fragile X syndrome (FXS) and pharmacological approaches to reduce the deficits.

Research at the Center focuses on auditory cortex and sensory systems, because heightened irritation by sounds is common in FXS; this problem is believed to be caused by heightened neuronal excitability. The project is multilevel in working from cell biology to neuronal physiology to behavior, and is well integrated in bridging neurophysiological and pharmacological research across preclinical and clinical studies in a truly translational manner.

Each Center project includes studies testing neurophysiological hypotheses, followed by targeted pharmacological strategies to correct neurophysiological hyperexcitability.

Sensory sensitivity diagram