The Gill Laboratory


Compared to other skin cancers, melanoma metastasizes more rapidly to lymph nodes and distant organ sites. While new therapies have improved patient outcomes, a subset of melanomas fail to respond to treatment or develop resistance. An improved understanding of the biology of melanoma is critical for designing new biomarkers and therapies for melanoma patients of all disease stages. 

Mission: The goal of our research is to understand how melanoma tumors rewire their metabolism to support cancer progression, immune evasion, and distant metastasis. While our work is rooted in fundamental molecular biology and biochemistry, we prioritize in vivo and human studies whenever possible. Our mission is to make impactful scientific discoveries that ultimately improve the lives of patients with melanoma. 

We are a team of physicians, scientists, and students dedicated to advancing knowledge about melanoma biology. Learn about some of our ongoing projects on our projects page.