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Our mission is to unravel the causes and mechanisms underlying tremor disorders and understand the clinical features of these disorders.

We aim to understand a fundamental set of questions: what factors set these diseases in motion (i.e., primary causes), and what are the tissue-based and physiological changes that occur once these diseases are set in motion? Secondly, we want to advance our knowledge about the clinical features, factors that influence clinical progression, and associated co-morbidities of these disorders. Many of our studies focus on essential tremor, which is a highly prevalent disease, affecting 2.2% of the entire U.S. population. We employ a wide variety of approaches to address these questions.

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Research developments in Descriptive Epidemiology and Analytic Epidemiology of Essential Tremor, Environmental Risk Factors for Essential Tremor, the advent of Clinical Rating Scales for Tremor, and more.

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