Three researchers in lab, looking at slides

May, 2020

Could pancreatitis be a stress hormone deficiency?

Mangelsdorf/Kliewer researchers find that humans and mice with pancreatitis are deficient in a stress hormone called FGF21.

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Steven Kliewer & David Mengelsdorf

November, 2016

Researchers’ international study zeros in on gene that limits desire to drink alcohol

In the largest study of its kind, UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers and colleagues in Europe identified a gene variant that suppresses the desire to drink alcohol.

“The findings are based on the largest genome-wide association meta-analysis and replication study to date mapping and comparing the genetics – the DNA – of more than 105,000 light and heavy social drinkers,” said Dr. David Mangelsdorf, Chair of Pharmacology at UT Southwestern and a corresponding author of the study.

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Steven Kliewer

February, 2015

Kliewer awarded prestigious Windaus Prize

Dr. Steven Kliewer, Professor of Molecular Biology and of Pharmacology, recently became the third faculty member from UT Southwestern Medical Center to be honored with the Adolf Windaus Prize for Bile Acid Research.

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