Josephine Thinwa Lab

The Thinwa lab studies the interface between the brain, viral infections, and mechanisms of host antiviral defense.

We use a variety of techniques to study these interactions, including animal models of viral infection, in vitro culture systems, and advanced imaging technologies to visualize viral replication and immune response in the brain.

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Dr. Josephine Thinwa, M.D. Ph.D. wearing a white lab coat, standing in a laboratory

Josephine Thinwa, M.D., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Principal Investigator
Dr. Thinwa is a physician-scientist who is interested in virology, immunology, and neurobiology. Her passion is doing science centered on helping patients, all while mentoring the next generation of scientists and physicians.

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Thinwa Lab memebers: Shongju Zou, Josephine Thinwa and Salwa Septi

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