Tower Lab

Center for Organogenesis Research & Trauma

Department of Surgery

The Tower lab integrates multi-omics-based approaches in the fields of musculoskeletal development, homeostasis, repair and regeneration.

We currently make use of single-cell RNA sequencing, spatial transcriptomics and metabolomic studies to understand the regulatory networks governing cell fate and function. Using transgenic animal models, combined with bioinformatic approaches, our lab currently focuses on understanding the mesenchymal-immune cell interactions which occur within the stem cell niche under physiological conditions, and how these signaling cascades drive regenerative or fibrotic outcomes  following injury. Understanding these divergent signaling mechanisms will hopefully help guide future therapeutic strategies to promote faithful repair of damaged tissue.

Meet the Principle Investigator

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Robert Tower

Robert Tower is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Surgery with appointments in the Center for Organogenesis Research and Trauma and the Charles and Jane Pak Center for Mineral Metabolism and Clinical Research. Dr. Tower is originally from Edmonton, AB, Canada where he obtained his BS in Molecular Genetics and his MS in Cell Biology from the University of Alberta, then later conducted his PhD in Germany at the Christian Albrechts University. Dr. Tower has conducted postdoctoral studies at the University of Pennsylvania and Johns Hopkins University. In 2021, Dr. Tower was recruited to UTSW where his lab focusses on musculoskeletal biology, understanding the complex cellular interactions which occur under physiological conditions, molecular changes which occur following injury, and how these pathways dictate regenerative or fibrotic healing outcomes. Dr. Tower is supported  by grants from the National Institute of Health and the Department of Defense.

News and Events

May 2023

We are pleased to announce grant W81XWH-22-PRMRP-FPA was funded by the department of defense

April 2023

Abstract entitled "Itaconate-producing neutrophils regulate local and systemic inflammation following trauma" invited for an oral presentation at the Advances in Mineral Metabolism Annual Meeting in Snowmass, CO.

February 2023

Come see our latest work in collaboration with Dr. Jonathan Rios at this year's Orthopaedic Research Society (ORS) meeting right here in Dallas!



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