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Mood Disorders Research

Power Through Partnership

The Center for Depression Research and Clinical Care has one vision: a future free from the burden of depression. More than a center, we are a community of committed faculty and staff, collaborators, clinicians, research participants, and community partners, as well as the donors and advocates who are critical to our mission.

Our community is what keeps us going and allows us to move closer to realizing our vision.

Mood Disorders Research

Learn more about how we connect with our community in North Texas, and beyond.

Sharing Knowledge

For more than two decades, Dr. Madhukar Trivedi and his colleagues at UT Southwestern have conducted cutting-edge research to improve the treatment of depression. Housed within the Department of Psychiatry at UT Southwestern Medical Center, we have one of the strongest programs in the nation for mood disorders research and treatment.

Self-Monitoring Made Easy

Self-monitoring involves keeping a personal record of your moods and behaviors in order to track trends over time. This allows individuals to observe how their mental state changes and provides concrete data to show how they are progressing, and which symptom profiles need attention.

Statewide Collaborations

To better understand the areas of greatest impact, we have identified and partnered with schools, community organizations, and healthcare systems on initiatives to improve the diagnosis and treatment of mood disorders and enhance suicide prevention efforts.

Stay Informed With Brainstorm

Depression is a massive public health issue. Thankfully, there are teams of scientists dedicated to researching mental health, suicide, and substance use disorders. Join Dr. Trivedi and thought leaders discussing all things mental health.

Solving Depression Statewide

The CDRC is participating in a collaboration with Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute, winner of the statewide Lone Star Depression Challenge, whose purpose is to scale an innovative, proven, transformative solution that builds healthier, stronger communities throughout Texas to improve the quality of life for all Texans.

Mood Disorders Research

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Engaging Communities, Bridging Vision

Be part of the great impact we're having on science and medical care across the globe.

The Center for Depression Research and Clinical Care is continually striving to build bridges to better mental health and wellbeing for our community in Texas and beyond. Accomplishing this means addressing the particular needs and levels of community involvement that make success possible.

Through our initiatives we are able to connect our community to resources, knowledge, and support that provides a strong foundation for current and future generations.