Cloudbreak Initiative

Mood Disorders Research

Four Strategic Pillars

A collaboration with Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute, The Cloudbreak Initiative focuses on standardizing early detection and treatment in primary care through two proven approaches: Measurement-Based Care (MBC), the routine use of repeated, validated measures to track symptoms and functional outcomes over time; and the Collaborative Care Model (CoCM), an integrated approach to the treatment of depression that involves care managers and consultant psychiatrists engaging directly within primary care settings. 

    Expand integration of evidence-based behavioral health care into primary care settings upon the onset of symptoms.

    Advance promising clinical research related to the prevention and treatment of depression. 

    Update payment systems for employers, health care providers, and insurers so that mental health treatment is readily accessible.

    Deploy a long-term awareness campaign that reduces stigma to consistently reinforce the message that depression is treatable, and create a call to action.

    51.5 million Adults suffer from mental illness in the U.S.

    Leading Research in Mood Disorders

    As a key leader in the field of mood disorders, Dr. Madhukar Trivedi serves as the Principal Investigator of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) sponsored Clinical Trials Network (CTN) Big South/West Node that researches novel interventions aimed at improving outcomes for substance use disorders.

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    Putting Youth First

    Youth Aware of Mental Health, YAM, is an interactive program for adolescents promoting increased discussion and knowledge about mental health, suicide prevention, and the development of problem-solving skills and emotional intelligence.

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    Understanding the Microbiome

    Learn from Dr. Jane Foster, CDRC Faculty Professor, about the role of the microbiome in mental health and well-being. Her research is expanding our understanding and potentially improving therapies for mental illness.

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    Building Better Tomorrows

    Be part of the great impact we're having on science and medical care across the globe.

    The Center for Depression Research and Clinical Care has one vision: a future free from the burden of depression, and with the support of our community, we believe we can reach our goals. To better understand the areas of greatest impact, we have identified and partnered with schools, community organizations, and healthcare systems on initiatives to improve the diagnosis and treatment of mood disorders and enhance suicide prevention efforts.