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Principal Investigator: Yi-Ting Tzen, PhD

Dr. Tzen’s research interest is early detection of pressure injury in people with spinal cord injury using non-invasive perfusion biomarkers, and wound prevention through assistive technology devices. She has had clinical training in Physical Therapy and Assistive Technology, and technology training in bioinstrumentation and signal processing.

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PhD student: Tasha Champagne, MS


Dr. Tzen’s research theme revolves around pressure injury and diabetic foot ulcer risk identification and prevention. Dr. Tzen utilizes non-invasive skin blood flow measurement to quantify severity of tissue ischemia and microvascular dysfunction. She investigated effectiveness of local cooling and alternating pressure on enhancing tissue tolerance toward pressure in people with spinal cord injury, and changes in microvascular function in trauma patients with spinal cord injury and people with type 2 diabetes. She currently expanded her research to include energy metabolism as a modifiable predictor for chronic wound formation.

Featured Publications

Utilisation of skin blood flow as a precursor for pressure injury development in persons with acute spinal cord injury: A proof of concept.
Tzen YT, Champagne PT, Rao V, Wang J, Tan WH, Klakeel M, Jain NB, Wukich DK, Koh TJ, Int Wound J 2022 May
Healthcare utilization and outcomes of spinal cord injured veterans with stage 3-4 pressure injuries.
Van Beest D, Koh SJ, Tzen YT, Wang J, Moore-Matthews D, Kargel JS, Cutrell JB, Bedimo RJ, Bennett BR, Tan WH, J Spinal Cord Med 2022 Apr 1-9
Assessing Skin Blood Flow and Interface Pressure in Patients With Spinal Cord Injury Provided an Alternating Pressure Overlay: A Cross-sectional Study
Tzen YT, Purohit R, Mei S, Tan WH, Wound Manag Prev 2020 03 66 3 16-28
Implementing local cooling to increase skin tolerance to ischemia during normal seating in people with spinal cord injury.
Tzen YT, Brienza DM, Karg PE, J Tissue Viability 2019 Nov 28 4 173-178
Increased skin blood flow during low intensity vibration in human participants: Analysis of control mechanisms using short-time Fourier transform.
Tzen YT, Weinheimer-Haus EM, Corbiere TF, Koh TJ, PLoS ONE 2018 13 7 e0200247

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