The Wang Lab has access to a multitude of resources including: 

  • Multiple 1.5T and 3T state of the art clinical MRI scanners accessible for research at Children’s Medical Center Dallas
  • Rich clinical materials accessible to research studies under IRB approved study protocols
  • Many academically oriented clinicians and researchers throughout Children’s Hospital and UTSW in a collaborative culture
  • Decades of clinical MRI archive supporting work involving artificial intelligence
  • Creative services, machine shop, electronic shop, and 3D printing facility in the Department of Radiology
  • Windows and Linux working stations for image processing
  • HIPAA compliant high-performance computing facility supported by UTSW
  • Miscellaneous equipment and tools useful for a medical physicist
    • frequency synthesizer
    • spectrum analyzer
    • network analyzer
    • multimeter
    • lux meter
    • gauss meter
    • piezoelectric accelerometer
    • high speed video camera
    • strobe light