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The Waugh Lab aspires to understand the ways that brains with dystonia differ from healthy individuals.

Dr. Waugh is a physician-scientist whose research focuses on the structural brain abnormalities that lead to dystonia, a movement disorder that leads muscles to twist and contort into painful positions.

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Jeff Waugh M.D., Ph.D.

Jeff Waugh, M.D., Ph.D.

Principal Investigator
Assistant Professor of Pediatric Neurology
Director, Pediatric Movement Disorders Program

Jeffrey Waugh, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at UT Southwestern Medical Center. He joined the UT Southwestern faculty in 2017.

Dr. Waugh’s research focuses on pediatric and adult movement disorders, with an emphasis on developing methods for brain imaging in inherited neurological diseases. One recent project involves developing an imaging tool for identifying the striosome and matrix compartments in living human.

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