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Biology of Nasal Epithelium, Virus Infections, Host Metabolism, and Tumorigenesis

Our mission is to study the biology of respiratory epithelium and the mechanisms of respiratory viral infection on the respiratory epithelium. We utilize various model systems, including primary cultured human nasal epithelial cells, mouse models, and clinical specimens from nasal mucosal biopsies of patients. We employ cutting-edge super-resolution microscopy techniques, live cell imaging, and proteomic analysis to advance our research in this field.

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Our Research

Our research is driven by a desire to understand

  1. how respiratory viruses subvert the nasal and oral epithelia for cellular entry, replication, and egress
  2. the development of airway epithelium
  3. how metabolic disorders interfere with the antiviral immunity during viral infections
  4. how virus infections induce tumorigenesis in upper aerodigestive tract
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Our lab is growing, and we welcome graduate students for rotations.


Meet the Team

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Chien-Ting Wu, Ph.D.


Department of Microbiology
Assistant Professor

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Hsin-Yi Chen, Ph.D.


Department of Microbiology
Research Scientist



Wu CT*, Lidsky PV*, Xiao Y*, Cheng R*, Lee IT, Nakayama T, Jiang S, He W, Demeter J, Knight MG, Turn RE, Rojas-Hernandez LS, Ye C, Chiem K, Shon J, Martinez-Sobrido L, Bertozzi CR, Nolan GP, Nayak JV, Milla C, Andino R, Jackson PK. SARS-CoV-2 replication in airway epithelia requires motile cilia and microvillar reprogramming. Cell. 2023 Jan 5;186(1):112-130.e20.

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Wu CT, Lin TY, Hsu HY, Sheu F, Ho CM, Chen EI. Ling Zhi-8 mediates p53-dependent growth arrest of lung cancer cells proliferation via the ribosomal protein S7-MDM2-p53 pathway. Carcinogenesis. 2011 Dec;32(12):1890-6.

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Email address: chien-ting.wu@utsouthwestern.edu
Office Number: 214-648-4836
Lab Number: 214-648-4841

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