Ultra-High Field Neuro MRI

Our lab contributed to the first book on ultra-high field neuroimaging that just got published in summer 2023!!

Chan K, Ruhm L, Henning A. MR spectroscopy and spectroscopic imaging. Ultra-High Field Neuro MRI. 1st edition,  Elsevier, Karin Markenroth Bloch, Maxime Guye, Benedikt A. Poser, editors, ISBN: 9780323998987


Theresia Zieg’s third dissertation paper was selected for the cover page of Neuroimage!!

Ziegs T, Ruhm L, Wright A, Henning A. Mapping of glutamate  metabolism using 1H FID-MRSI after oral administration of [1-13C] Glc at 9.4 T. Neuroimage 270, 119940 (2023).