Open-Source Software


The MR-SpectroS library provides extensive functionality to reconstruct magnetic resonance spectroscopy data.

Please cite: Giapitzakis Ioannis-Angelos, Shao T, Avdievich N, Meckle R, Kreis R, Henning A. Metabolite cycled STEAM and semi-LASER localization for MR Spectroscopy in the human brain at 9.4T. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 79 (4), pp. 1841 - 1850 (2018).

ProFit 1D

ProFit-1D provides accurate and precise spectral fitting of single voxel 1D 1H-MRS spectra.

Please cite: Borbath T, Murali-Manohar S, Dorst J, Wright AM, Henning A. ProFit-1D - a 1-D fitting software and open-source validation datasets. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 86 (6), pp. 2910 - 2929 (2021).

ProFit 2D

ProFit-2D provides accurate and precise spectral fitting of single voxel 2D 1H-MRS spectra.

Please cite: Fuchs A, Schulte RF, Boesiger P, Henning A. ProFit revisited. Magnetic Resonance Medicine: 71(2) 458–468, 2014.


OTUP is a software for the design of universal parallel transmission pulses using optimized k-space trajectories.

Please cite: Geldschläger O, Bosch D, Henning A. OTUP-workflow: Target specific optimization of the transmit k-space trajectory for flexible universal parallel transmit RF pulse design. NMR in Biomedicine 35 (8) e4728 (2022).