Our present work is based on two pillars: basic research for a better understanding of glycogen metabolism, especially regarding the mechanisms that determine glycogen solubility and establishment of a novel enzyme replacement platform against multiple rare diseases that aims to overcome the caveats of purely viral delivery approaches.

Meet the Team

The Nitschke Lab

The Nitschke Lab

Meet the Principal Investigator

Felix Nitschke, Ph.D.

Felix Nitschke, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor I Departments of Pediatrics (primary) and Biochemistry

Dr. Nitschke is an expert in carbohydrate research, combining his interest in therapeutic application with a deep understanding of biochemical methodology. His major goals are to reach a comprehensive understanding of the biological processes that keep glycogen water soluble and to develop therapeutic strategies for diseases with accumulation of insoluble glycogen. In an effort to encourage scientific collaboration and to generally boost understanding of polyglucan metabolism, he co-edited a text book that for the first time integrates enzymology of plant starch and glycogen. His research led to a paradigm change in the field of glycogen metabolism in regards to Lafora disease pathogenesis.  

The Team

Lacey Stearman

Senior Administrative Assistant


Lacey Stearman

Alina Montalbano, Ph.D.

Research Scientist


Neije.Mukherjee-Roy, M.Sc.

Research Assistant


Neije Mukherjee-Roy, M.Sc.

Megan Whiting, B.Sc

Research Technician


Ruixuan Li

STAR Student

The Hockaday School Dallas

Ruixuan Li

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