Solmonson Lab

The Solmonson Lab is at the leading edge of developmental metabolism research. We are committed to translational science that improves the lives of pregnant individuals and their offspring.

We are interested in how the placenta balances metabolic homeostasis across the adult and fetal compartments while supporting its own growth. Proper placental development and function is essential for healthy fetal growth and relatively little is known about the metabolic requirements for placentation. We have pioneered the use of stable isotope infusions in pregnant mice alongside metabolomics to identify the metabolic pathways that support placental development, growth, and nutrient transfer.


We also actively collaborate with the UT Southwestern OB/GYN Department and Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine to perform translational science research with the goal of improving women’s health outcomes. We aim to develop new disease models that can be used to advance diagnostic and therapeutic options in the clinic.