January 2022

Welcome three new members to the Sun Lab!

We welcome Payton Reynolds (graduate student), Phu Thai (research technician), and Soummitra Anand (medical student) to our group! We look forward to the discoveries that they will make in the new year.

October 2021

Received NIH Director’s Innovator Award

We are thrilled to receive 2021 NIH Director’s New Innovator Award (! Our lab is among other 63 laboratories nationwide to receive this prestigious recognition ( We are also the third laboratory in the history of Molecular Biology Department to receive this award. With the 5-year generous support, we hope to develop novel genetic reagents and methods to understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms governing myelination specificity.

September 2021

Research supplements approved!

We are grateful to receive the Research Supplements to Promote Diversity from National Eye Institute, pertaining to our R00 grant. Our lab is always dedicated to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. Come work with us!

May 2021

Congratulations, Daniela!

Daniela, our first graduate student, received honorable mention for 2021 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (

She is one of only 4 graduate students in UT Southwestern Medical Center this year to receive the honor.


April 2021

Received New Funding Support

We are grateful to receive a research grant from the Welch Foundation (myelination mechanisms), and a new investigator grant from DoD Multiple Sclerosis Research Program (re-myelination mechanisms) that is recommended for funding.

January 2021

New Members Join the Lab

We welcome Yihe Zhang (graduate student) and Sabeen Wazir (Green Fellow) to join the lab!

November 2020

2020 TARCC Junior Investigator Grant

We are grateful to receive a two-year research grant from the Texas Alzheimer’s Research and Care Consortium to study the roles of glial cells in aging!

Read More About the Grant

October 2020

The Lab Grows

We welcome Tingxin Zhang (postdoc), Aryan Bhagwat (student intern), and Aksheev Bhambri (postdoc) to join our team!

August 2020

Received 2020 BBRF Young Investigator Grant (NARSAD Award)

We are grateful to a 2-year grant from the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation that supports us to investigate the roles and mechanisms of myelination in neurological disorders.

June 2020

R00 Grant Activated!

We are so grateful to the generous support from NIH/NEI. Our work on novel mechanisms governing optic nerve myelination received a three-year grant from NEI (R00EY029330). More exciting discoveries underway!

June 2020

Welcome, Daniela!

We welcome Ms. Daniela Barbosa as our first graduate student in the Sun Lab!

April 2020

Endowed Scholars 2020

We are so grateful to the support from the Endowed Scholar Committee and Southwestern Medical Foundation (Three researchers selected as newest UTSW Endowed Scholars). We very much look forward to continuing our study to reveal the mystery of glial cells!

March 2020

First Rotation Student

We welcome our first rotation student, Ms. Daniela Barbosa, who is a new glial enthusiast in the Sun Lab!

February 2020

Welcome Jumin Xue

We welcome Ms. Jumin Xue as the first Sun Lab member! Jumin has served UT Southwestern Medical Center for over 15 years. We are so lucky to have her join our team!

February 2020

The Sun Lab is up and running

We are extremely excited to begin our research endeavors as we work with eager anticipation of what is to come.