Meet the Principal Investigator

Lance Terada, M.D.

Lance Terada, M.D.

Principal Investigator

Dr. Terada received his undergraduate degree in biophysics from Amherst College in Massachusetts, and his medical degree in his hometown at the University of Hawaii. His clinical training in internal medicine was at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, followed by both clinical and research fellowships in pulmonary sciences at the University of Colorado in Denver.

He has been at UT Southwestern since 1999. He is currently the Division Chief for Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, and holds the Carey G. King, Jr, and Henry W. Winans, Sr., Chair in Internal Medicine.


Current Lab Members

Ru-Feng Wu, M.D., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine

Dr. Wu has studied the role of both Nox2 and Nox4 in mediating different cellular stress responses. He is currently working on the binding partners of the Shc proteins to identify the integrin-based signaling complexes responsible for mechanotransduction through Rho and Ras pathways.


Guosheng Fu, Ph.D.

Instructor, Internal Medicine

Dr. Fu studies mouse models of tumor angiogenesis. His work also includes the creation of novel mouse strains and working with human lung cancer tumor specimens.


Chengxu Liao

Laboratory Technician

Chengxu Liao is has a broad technical skill set including biochemistry, cell culture, ChIP techniques, and molecular cloning.