CDRC Stakeholder Network

Early Intervention & Prevention, Best Care, and Research

At the Center for Depression Research and Clinical Care, we believe that no change is truly realized without input from our community. This is why we created a group for interested community members and thought leaders to become more involved in the multiple activities we have going on.

Opportunities to participate include:

Serve on Advisory Boards

Types of Advisory Boards:​

Overall CDRC activities​

  • Specific boards:​
    • By topic (e.g., children/adolescents; bipolar depression; exercise)
    • By group (e.g., patients, parents, caregivers, clinicians, policymakers)
    • By funded project (e.g., TX-YDSRN, PCORI)

Provide periodic feedback

Types of Feedback:​

  • Written Materials:​
    • Educational​
    • Research documents (e.g., consent forms)
    • Sharing of results​
    • Website content​
  • Participation in Study Design and Methods:​
    • Study planning​
    • Problem-solving implementation challenges (e.g., slow recruitment)
    • Provide input and feedback on study assessments​
    • Provide input and feedback on types of treatments/interventions​
    • Discuss the importance of study outcomes

Respond to surveys 

Participate in Focus Groups

For information about CDRC programs, research, or activities, contact us at Email