Texas Youth Depression and Suicide Research Network

Mood Disorders Research

Research to Advance Care for Depression and Suicide in Texas

The TX-YDSRN hub is led by Dr. Madhukar Trivedi at UT Southwestern and co led by Dr. Sarah Wakefield at Texas Tech University Health Science Center. The purpose of this research network is to improve the evaluation of and response to the increasing problem of youth depression and suicide in Texas. This will be accomplished by evaluating the healthcare system in Texas as it relates to screening, responding, and monitoring youth symptoms indicative of depression and/or suicidal behaviors; and examining if the different ways in which youth depression presents in a primary care setting (e.g., sad v. irritable) might correlate with a best response with certain treatment (e.g., cognitive behavioral therapy v. supportive therapy).

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Impacting Youth

As we think about where, when, and how to provide mental health interventions in our schools, the key to success is to impact EVERY student at all three tiers in terms of resilience, wellness, and mental health promotion.

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Leading the Discussion

Despite great progress in uncovering the underlying mechanisms of many diseases over the last several decades, modern medicine has just begun to understand the human brain—the body’s most complex system and medicine’s greatest mystery.

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Partnership Across Texas

To better understand the areas of greatest impact, we have identified and partnered with schools, community organizations, and healthcare systems on initiatives to improve the diagnosis and treatment of mood disorders and enhance suicide prevention efforts.

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For more than two decades, Dr. Madhukar Trivedi and his colleagues at UT Southwestern Medical Center have conducted cutting-edge research to improve the treatment of depression, including the largest study-to-date examining appropriate treatment sequences for depression.