Youth Aware of Mental Health Program

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Mental Health Promotion, Resilience, and Suicide Prevention

Youth Aware of Mental Health, YAM  is an interactive universal mental health promotion program for 8th through 12th graders that encourages increased discussion and knowledge about mental health, suicide prevention, and the development of problem-solving skills and emotional intelligence. YAM uses various learning methods to present the fundamental components of the program in five interactive sessions over 3 weeks.

The YAM program was tested in a European study with over 11,000 students in 168 schools, across ten European countries. When compared to two others programs, the YAM program was more effective in significantly improving adolescent mental health.

YAM fosters the development of skills and knowledge about mental health, without overwhelming students with complicated information, and allows each participating group to influence the content by bringing their perspectives to the forefront. Adolescents learn from both a professional and from each other through a mix of cognitive, emotional, and experiential learning.

The YAM program focuses on six major themes:

Awareness about mental health
Self-help advice
Stress and crisis
Depression and suicidal thoughts
Helping a troubled friend
Getting advice: who to contact

>20,000 students impacted through trainings in over 67 middle and high schools across North Texas

Driving Discovery

The CDRC has faculty members with expertise in neuroimaging, cognitive and behavioral phenotyping, biospecimens, the gut microbiome, exercise, biostatistics, genetics, adolescent behaviors, research, novel treatments and addiction.

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Monitoring for Wellness

An important element of translating our research into practice involves creating access and capability to track mental health and wellness for the individual (adolescent and adult) within and beyond our community.

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Partnership Across Texas

Over the last 4 years, the CDRC has reached over 20,000 youth with the Youth Aware of Mental Health (YAM) program. Due to the program’s success, the CDRC has transitioned to training new facilitators to reach more students and create more sustainable school-based mental health programming.

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Solving Depression, Saving Tomorrows

Be part of the great impact we're having on science and medical care across the globe.

Structured training encourages adolescents to learn and develop life-lifelong and resilience skills that are shown to help teens and young adults avoid high high-risk self-destructive behavior that can lead to poor academic achievement, substance abuse, more severe psychiatric conditions, and even suicide.