Professional Education

Early Intervention & Prevention, Best Care, and Research

The CDRC is committed to providing learning opportunities for providers, patients, researchers, and students. Through many of our programs, we are training the next generation of mental health care providers and increasing the quality of treatments to patients in North Texas.

Continuing Education

  • Continuing Medical Education (CME) – The CDRC holds meetings for providers from all different disciplines to come together and learn about topics ranging from best treatment practices to new antidepressant medications
  • Community Programming – We provide educational presentations to help raise awareness about the symptoms of depression, available treatments, and specific topics such as risk factors and warning signs for depression and suicide and recognizing depression in youth

Training Opportunities

  • CRED – The CDRC’s CRED (Clinical Research Experiences in Depression) Internship Program is committed to educating students to be tomorrow’s leaders in Clinical and Translational Depression Research and Mental Health. This internship, designed for High School and Undergraduate Students, provides lectures from CDRC faculty and hands-on experience in different aspects of clinical and translational research
  • TRAIN – TRAIN (Translational Research Activities in Neuropsychiatry) is an NIH-funded (R25MH101078; MH Trivedi, PI) research track residency program. TRAIN participants receive protected time to complete clinical translational didactics and research activities

For information about CDRC programs, research, or activities, contact us at Email