Past Members

Doctoral Students

Year(s) Name Dissertation Title Current Position
2006-2009 Karis Hughes, Ph.D. candidate Characterizing common and rare variants that contribute to SLE susceptibility in humans Deceased
2005-present Andrew Yang,M.S.T.P. trainee Functional characterization of Sle3, a gene that mediates the transition from benign to pathologic autoimmunity Completing medical training
2004-present Katherine Belobrajdic, Ph.D. candidate Identification of Sles1, a suppressive modifier of systemic autoimmunity In Houston
2006 Alice Chan, MSTP trainee Genomic manipulation for the in vivo identification of autoimmune susceptibility genes Resident in Pediatrics, UCSF
2005 Srividya Subramanian, Ph.D. candidate Characterization ofSles1,a suppressive modifier of systemic autoimmunity Postdoctoral fellow, Harvard Medical School
2005 Nisha Limaye, Ph.D. candidate Common alleles of the SLAM/CD2 Family are associated with murine lupus Research Faculty, Brussels
2003 Zhiyan Liang, Ph.D. candidate Pathogenic profiles and molecular structures of lupus autoantibodies Scientist, Regeneron Pharmaceutical
1998 Christy Myrick Genetic analysis of polymorphisms in CD4/CD8 ratios Postdoctoral fellow, Emory University
1998 Ying Yu Genetic and functional analysis of Sle3 Postdoctoral fellow, Stanford University
1995 Karen E. Jackson Genetic Influences on the Peripheral CD4+ T-Cell Receptor Repertoire Associate Professor, Department of Biology, Jacksonville University
1995 Mary An-Yuan Yui Linkage Analysis and Development of Congenic Strains for the Genetic Dissection of Insulin Dependent Diabetes in the NOD Mouse Research Scientist, Cal Tech , Los Angeles
1995 Jian-Ming Wu Polygenic Control of IgG Antibody Responsiveness Against Hen Egg Lysozyme and Bovine Rhodopsin Postdoctoral fellow, Johns Hopkins University
1992 Ivan C. Cheng Analysis of the Multigenic Inheritance of the Susceptibility to Diabetes in the Non-Obese Diabetic (NOD) Mouse Professor, Department of Immunology, Taiwan Institute for Porcine Research
1991 Richard A McIndoe Elucidation and Characterization of a Potential Cis-Acting Regulatory Element in a Murine MHC Class II Gene Associate Professor, Genetics Research Center, Medical College of Georgia
1991 Ying Ye Diversification of the Antigen Binding Site of the Murine MHC Class II A Alpha Gene Postdoctoral fellow, Cleveland Clinic
1990 Stefan A. Boehme The Generation of Antigen Binding Site Diversity in the Murine MHC class II A Beta Molecule Staff Scientist, Neurocrine Biosciences, San Diego
1990 Cheng-Chan Lu Stable Alleleic Lineages of Mhc Class II Genes Within the Genus Mus Associate Professor, Department of Pathology, NCKU University, Taiwan
1988 Roy W. Tarnuzzer The influence of Recombination on the Diversification of the Murine I Region Assistant Research Scientist, Department of Medicine, University of Florida
1987 Victoria W.K. Henson Molecular Biology of the HLA-D Region. Use of Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism Analysis to Characterize Alleles of the DQ-Beta Locus and Dp-Beta Locus in DR3 and DR4 Haplotypes Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, Purdue University (Carbondale)
1986 Thomas J. McConnell A Restriction Fragment Analysis of the Evolutionary Relationship of the Murine H-2 Aa and Ab Alleles Associate Professor, Department of Biology, East Carolina University

Postdoctoral Fellows

Year(s) Name Research Project Current Position
2010-present Prithvi Raj, Ph.D. Characterizing common and rare variants that contribute to SLE susceptibility in humans In training
2009-present Shaheen Khan, Ph.D Identifying genes responsible for immunodeficiencies In training
2008-2012 Ekta Rai, Ph.D. Genetic susceptibility to humoral autoimmunity in human lupus  
2007-2008 Frederic Batteux, Ph.D. Functional characterization of Ly108 during thymic development Associate Professor, Laboratoire d'Immunologie, UPRES 1833, Université Paris Descartes
2006-2008 Ru Yang, M.D., Ph.D. Creating novel mouse models of SLE In training
2006-Present Sunhee Hwang, Ph.D. Genomic manipulation of Ly108 as a susceptibility allele in murine lupus In training
2005-2006 Miwako Yamamoto, Ph.D. Genomic manipulation of the murine SLAM/CD2 family Staff Scientist, University of Tokyo
2004-2009 Anna-Marie Fairhurst, Ph.D. Immunologic characterization of genetic mechanisms mediating the transition from benign to pathogenic autoimmunity Assistant Professor, Department of Immunology, Singapore Institute of Biology, Singapore
2002-2004 Quan Li, Ph.D. Global gene expression analysis of lupus-prone mice Associate Professor, Department of Immunology and Associate Director, Microarray Core, UT Southwestern
1999-2003 Katalin Tus, M.D. Fine mapping and identification of Sle1d, an epistatic gene mediating severe lupus nephritis Resident, Department of Pathology, UT Southwestern
1999-2005 Amy Wandstrat, Ph.D Positional cloning of Sle1a and Sle1b Sen. Field Application Specialist, Illumina, Inc.
1998-2005 Kui Liu, Ph.D. Functional and Genetic analysis of Sle3 Assistant Professor, Division of Rheumatology, Department of Medicine, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
1999-2002 Mi Ha Yuen, Ph.D. Genetic analysis of susceptibility to SLE in humans using murine candidate genes Research Associate, North Carolina State University
1999-2001 Young-Sun Yim, Ph.D Congenic dissection of Sle suppressive modifiers Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Missouri
1999-2000 Ayfer Orhan, M.D. Linkage analysis of genetic modifiers of autoimmunity Resident, Sinai Hospital, Baltimore
1995-97 Chandra Mohan, M.D., Ph.D. Immunologic characterization of the functional properties of SLE susceptibility genes Professor, Division of Rheumatology, Department of Internal Medicine, UT Southwestern
1992-96 Laurence Morel, Ph.D. Genetic analysis of susceptibility to systemic lupus erythematosus in NZM2410 Professor, Department of Pathology, University of Florida
1992-94 Scott Edwards, Ph.D. Molecular Genetic analysis of MHC diversity in Passerine Birds Associate Professor, Department of Zoology, Harvard University
1989-91 Kasinathan Muralidharan, Ph.D. Genetic analysis of the polygenic inheritance of susceptibility to diabetes in the NOD mouse Assistant Professor, Emory University
1989-92 Jin Xiong She, Ph.D. Molecular Genetic analysis of the mechanisms responsible for diversification of MHC class II molecules Professor and Director, Human Genetics Center, Medical College of Georgia
1988-91 Wayne Potts, Ph.D. Characterization of selective mechanisms responsible for the maintenance of MHC diversity using captive wild mouse populations Professor, Department of Biology, University of Utah
1987 Paul Hermonat, Ph.D. Transduction of MHC class I genes into murine bone marrow using an AAV vector system Associate Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Arkansas – Little Rock
1986-88 William R. Winter, M.D. Molecular Genetic Characterization of MHC class II Genes in NOD Professor, Department of Pathology, University of Florida