Zia Research Group

The Zia Research Group is led by Dr. Ayesha Zia, Associate Professor of Pediatrics and a pediatric hematologist at UT Southwestern School of Medicine. Dr. Zia leads the Pediatric Hemostasis Thrombosis Program at Children's Medical Center, Dallas, TX.

The Zia Research Group focuses on clinical and translational hematology research to improve the understanding of pediatric thrombotic and hemostatic disorders with the long-term goal of improving the lives of affected children and young adults with these disorders.

Specific areas of focus include:

  1. Thrombosis outcomes, especially investigating the mechanisms of exercise intolerance and dyspnea on exertion following venous thromboembolism utilizing integrated physiological responses to exercise and advanced imaging techniques to study cardiac function, muscle metabolism, and perfusion during sub-maximal and maximal exercise.
  2. Young women with bleeding disorders, specifically: improving access to care, early diagnosis and evidence-based management, and improving health-related quality of life.
  3. The Zia Research Group alone and in collaboration with other labs on campus studies coagulation by performing a variety of laboratory techniques and assays, including thrombin generation assay and thromboelastography, including its modifications to study hypercoagulability, fibrinolysis and by utilizing flow cytometry to measure inherited and acquired platelet function defects.

To learn more about the Zia Research Group's areas of study, visit our Research page.