Here are some informational resources we hope you find helpful.

National Blood Clot Alliance
The National Blood Clot Alliance (NBCA) is the leading nonprofit organization in the United States focused singularly on building awareness and building community among people who are affected by blood clots or at increased risk for blood clots, including people with clotting disorders, atrial fibrillation, cancer, traumatic injury, and risks related to hospitalization and surgery, lengthy immobility, childbirth, and hormonal birth control.

Foundation for Women & Girls with Blood Disorders
Undiagnosed, untreated blood disorders in women and young girls have medical consequences and unique issues at every life stage, creating the need for a foundation dedicated to education and awareness.

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World Thrombosis Day
More than 2,000 partners in 100+ countries are participating in World Thrombosis Day. Find partners and events in your community and learn how to get involved in the movement!