Our laboratory has a longstanding interest in understanding the molecular pathways that drive breast cancer progression and influence response to therapies. Our focus is on translational breast cancer research, aimed at developing therapeutic strategies and identifying biomarkers of drug sensitivity and resistance.

Current projects include:

  • Discovery of mechanisms of resistance to antiestrogen therapy, CDK4/6 inhibitors, and HER2 inhibitors
  • Genomic profiling of drug-resistant ER+ and triple-negative breast cancers
  • Identifying rational combinations to overcome resistance to targeted therapies

We incorporate molecular profiling (next-gen DNA/RNA sequencing) of primary tumors, biopsies of metastases, and plasma tumor DNA, high-throughput CRISPR and gain-of-function ORF screens, and mechanistic studies using breast cancer cell lines, cell line-derived xenografts, and patient-derived organoids and xenografts, to use insights from the laboratory to guide clinical trials.