Single-cell sequencing

Single-cell sequencing technology has helped us gain insight into cellular heterogeneity in tissues and identification of unknown cell types. Further, the technique can be used to define new marker genes associated with a cell type and also define subpopulation within the known cell types based on the gene expression profile. Other applications includes the study of cell lineage and regulation of differentiation, cell hierarchy reconstruction, Inferring regulatory networks etc. For more reading about the technology and analysis .

Below we present an excerpt from recent publication on overview of single-cell RNA sequencing analysis pipeline.

scRNA seq
An overview of Single-cell sequencing analysis pipeline
(Hwang, B., Lee, J.H., Bang, D., 2018. Single-cell RNA sequencing technologies and bioinformatics pipelines. Exp. Mol. Med. 50, 96.)

The Sequencing core and bioinformatics lab now provides the Single-cell sequencing using the Chromium 10X platform. For library preparation please contact Vanessa Schmid. Her contact information is on our About page.

At the Bioinformatics Lab, we provide the data analysis depending on the single-cell technology platform used. Usually, every single cell experiment is very different and hence we recommend you to contact Email for discussing your experiment design.