Percutaneous Alcohol Ablation

Percutaneous Ethanol (alcohol) Ablation (PEA) is a minimally-invasive alternative for the treatment of various superficial lesions. Our clinical experts offer this relatively unique service for a variety of conditions. For instance, recurrent thyroid cysts that may cause discomfort or visible swelling may be treated by cyst aspiration and PEA (also known as cyst sclerotherapy); This prevents the cyst fluid from re-accumulating, without the need for surgery.

In addition, PEA may be an option for the treatment of some lymph nodes that have become involved with cancer, as seen with papillary thyroid cancer. PEA of these metastatic lymph nodes can be considered as a treatment for these lymph nodes, particularly if surgery or other treatment options are less desirable.

Percutaneous Ethanol (alcohol) Ablation (PEA) ultrasounds