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Mood Disorders Research

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Dr. Trivedi and his team have been involved in many of the pivotal studies involving the establishment of efficacy of antidepressant treatments (medications, psychotherapy, exercise, complimentary treatments, devices, etc.), examining next steps in treatment resistant depression to develop algorithms and guidelines, and developing and validating biomarkers in order to reach the goal of precision medicine for mood disorders. 

    The Treatment Resistant Depression Clinic was started by Dr. Madhukar Trivedi, an established clinical and translational researcher with extensive experience serving as PI and Co-PI on several single and multi-site clinical trials funded by NIH, foundations and industry sponsors. Dr. Trivedi’s research over the last 25 years has focused on understanding the neurobiology and psychology of depression and bipolar disorder, with a particular focus on developing an empirical basis for improving treatment of depression.

    The CDRC and the Department of Psychiatry under the supervision of Dr. Trivedi holds laboratory space at the UT Southwestern Medical Center. The laboratory has a facility and space which has all the necessary equipment to store the biomaterials, including -4°, -20°, and -80° freezers, and refrigerated centrifuge.

    Our Lab allows for the collection and storage of critical biological specimens that will inform our current and future research. Having this facility in-house allows us to control the quality and timeliness of our samples to ensure our research is backed by valid and reproducible data. Dr. Trivedi and his team have been involved in pivotal studies developing and validating biomarkers in order to reach the goal of precision medicine for mood disorders.

    Trivedi Lab: 

    Bill and Rita Clements Advanced Medical Imaging Center

    2201 Inwood Rd, Dallas, TX 75235

    CDRC faculty, Dr. Manish Jha, received an award through OBI’s Clinical Neuroscience Scholars Program to develop an integrated clinic within the CDRC along with a team of mentors and advisors including Dr. Sidarth Wakhlu from UT Southwestern, Dr. Steve Shoptaw from UCLA, Dr. Paul Kenny from Mount Sinai, Dr. Ed Nunes from Columbia, and Dr. Bill Dauer from UT Southwestern. 

    Mood Disorders Research

    Depression Research Clinic

    UT Southwestern’s Treatment-Resistant Depression Clinic is a recognized center of excellence for Treatment-Resistant Mood Disorders (TRMD). These chronic or recurrent depressions comprise the most disabling forms of the disorder, and our expert clinicians are well-equipped with the latest technology and novel treatment approaches to improve the lives of patients with TRMD.   

    Mood Disorders Research

    CDRC West Research Clinic

    In late 2020, the CDRC unveiled a satellite research clinic at Moncrief Cancer Institute in Fort Worth, expanding mood disorders research access to the Tarrant County community.    

    Engaging Community

    We strive to provide an engaging platform for individuals to better understand the multi-faceted topics related to mental health and wellbeing. Co-hosted by our Director, Dr. Madhukar Trivedi, each of our Brainstorm podcasts invites a new thought leader for discussion.

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    Leading the Discussion

    Dr. Trivedi hosts Medscape's InDiscussion Podcast series on Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and discusses a variety of topics related to the treatment of MDD with thought leaders in the field.

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    Solving Depression in Texas

    The CDRC is participating in a collaboration with Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute, winner of the statewide Lone Star Depression Challenge, whose purpose is to scale an innovative, proven, transformative solution that builds healthier, stronger communities throughout Texas to improve the quality of life for all Texans.

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    Solving Depression, Saving Tomorrows

    Be part of the great impact we're having on science and medical care across the globe.

    The Center for Depression Research and Clinical Care has one vision: a future free from the burden of depression. More than a center, we are a community of committed faculty and staff, collaborators, clinicians, research participants, and community partners, as well as, the donors and advocates who are critical to our mission.