YAM Training Academy

Mood Disorders Research

Facilitator Training

From it's inception, the Center for Depression Research and Clinical Care has paved new pathways for understanding, preventing, and treating mood disorders. Part of our next decade of work involves reimagining the conversation around mood disorders and mental health through sharing the knowledge, tools, and techniques learned (and validated) to a wider audience of clinicians, educators, and communities.

Mental Health Promotion, Resilience & Suicide Prevention

To better understand the areas of greatest impact, we have identified and partnered with schools, community organizations, and healthcare systems on initiatives to improve the diagnosis and treatment of mood disorders and enhance suicide prevention efforts. 

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Our Training Model

All of the CDRC Training Academy opportunities will be available throughout the year, with ongoing consultation provided to those trained in any of the programs.

  • effectiveness of and satisfaction with the training will be evaluated
  • ongoing assessment of additional training needs for each school and/or school district will be conducted
  • based on feedback gathered from participants, new trainings will be developed as needed

For additional information about our Training Academy opportunities, email us.

Building Resilience in Youth

Blue Steel is a resilience-building education program designed to teach resilience skills and effective tools for supporting one's self and others during times of stress.

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Developing a Biosignature

The Texas-Resilience Against Depression (T-RAD) program collects genetic, clinical, demographic, behavioral, and biological information from individuals at risk and those who have been diagnosed with depression or bipolar disorder.

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Reframing the conversation

The CDRC has received two grants which fund adolescent research prevention and treatment. Because depression often begins early in life, our goal is to proactively study the disease in young people to ultimately prevent or minimize its impact population-wide.

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Real People. Real Research.

Be part of the great impact we're having on science and medical care across the globe.

Comprised of local schools, colleges, and youth community organizations with a focus on preventing depression and suicide through education and engagement, the Risk and Resilience Network team supports youth-serving organizations with programs that help mood and anxiety in adolescents through resilience building and mental health education.