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We work closely with domain experts to develop and deploy SOTA AI systems that solve real-world clinical and medical education problems.
Our team thrives on working with a diverse range of interdisciplinary collaborators who embrace a creative and ambitious vision for how AI will transform health care and science.

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Spatial Biology scans

MAY-2024: Headed to https://sail.health/event/sail-2024/ to present Rubrics to Prompts and share how we successfully piloted deployment our AI grading system at the Simulation Center with medical students.


SEPT-2023:Lab awarded Azure credit grant from Microsoft's Accelerating Foundation Models Research initiative to run experiments with GPT-4!

Project Title: Rubrics to Prompts: Expert-level Performance Assessment and Feedback in Medical Education with Foundation Models 


See how to deploy advanced LLMs locally (like Mixtral-8x7B) as we have on the powerful BioHPC here at UTSW! :