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Group Leader

Andrew R. Jamieson, Ph.D.

Andrew R. Jamieson, Ph.D.

An Assistant Professor at the Lyda Hill Department of Bioinformatics. He has served as a co-leader of the Bioinformatics Core Facility (BICF), responsible for leading campus-wide collaborative research engagements with an emphasis on computational image analysis. In 2020, as the global pandemic emerged, Dr. Jamieson's group led the development of the UTSW COVID-19 forecast model (UTSW Newsroom article). Before returning to academia, he worked in Pharma Services, Operational Excellence, and the MultiOmyx group at Clarient, a GE Healthcare molecular diagnostics company (later sold to NeoGenomics). In 2012, Andrew dove into industry as the first employee and Data Scientist for a Plano, TX-based Big Data Analytics start-up, Oculus360. Andrew completed his BA (Physics), and Ph.D. (Medical Physics) at the University of Chicago under the supervision of Maryellen L. Giger, Ph.D., a pioneer in Breast Cancer Computer-Aided Diagnosis.

SimCenterAI Team

Mike Holcomb M.S.

Mike Holcomb M.S. - Lead Data Scientist

Mike has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Rice University and an MS in Computer Science from UT Dallas. After a decade of working in finance, Mike reoriented to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and joined the Jamieson Lab in 2020. Shortly after starting at UTSW, Mike's work was immediately impactful having developed UTSW's Dallas-area COVID-19 forecasting model. Mike now works on designing and evaluating novel machine learning solutions across a wide variety of data domains and research endeavors.


Sol Vedovato, M.S. - Data Scientist

Sol Vedovato is a data scientist working on multimodal deep learning applications for complex medical data. Sol has an M.S. in Cognitive Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and has worked on Artificial Intelligence implementations for natural language processing, surgical videos, translation, and high-energy physics.

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Shinyoung Kang - Data Scientist

Shin graduated from Emory University and is focused on advanced vision models.  

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Dave Hein, MS - Data Scientist

Dave Hein received a B.S. in Chemistry and an M.S. in Data Science from the University of Texas at Austin. He started his career at UTSW as a research assistant in the radiation oncology department where he gained experience in clinical oncology research and bioinformatics. Now as a data scientist in the Jamieson lab, he innovates at the intersection of healthcare and AI, developing large language model pipelines for analyzing kidney cancer records and analysis workflows for spatial transcriptomics data. 

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Ameer Hamza Shakur, PhD - Data Scientist / ML Engineer

Ameer graduated with a Dual Degree from IIT Madras and a PhD in Industrial Engineering from the University of Washington, Seattle. His interests are centered around Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, particularly in the healthcare space,  and he has experience developing machine learning solutions in a variety of domains. At UTSW, Ameer is working across the LLM stack to develop a first of its kind automatic assessment system for medical education.

Spatial Biology Team

Zhiguo Shang, Ph.D.

Zhiguo Shang, Ph.D. - 3D Computer Vision Specialist

Zhiguo Shang, Ph.D. is a Computational Scientist specializing in image analysis. He currently works on light sheet & CT medical images with diverse image analysis & machine learning tools, such as 2D/3D segmentation, skeletonization, and advanced pattern recognition techniques. He also works on developing algorithms & methods to address specific goals in 3D quantitative analysis.


Mengxi (Kate) Yu, MD. Ph.D. - Spatial Biology Computer Vision Scientist

Mengxi Yu, MD. Ph.D. is a Visiting Research Scholar.  Prior to joining UTSW she was a postdoctoral scholar at the University of Chicago working on single-cell metabolics and cellular image analysis. Previously, Dr. Yu served as a medical doctor in China, specializing in Plastic Surgery. Currently, Dr. Yu is working to develop advanced machine learning approaches for clinically-oriented spatial biology applications on hyperplexed imaging platforms.

Students & Interns!

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Annie Jain

Annie recently graduated with a B.A. in Neuroscience from Princeton University, where she worked primarily on computational modeling of language learning in childhood using network estimation and graph theory. She has also conducted research involving natural language processing and sociolinguistics to detect bias in educational technology deploying LLMs. With the Jamieson lab, Annie is excited to continue investigating the intersection of language, cognition, and AI in a biomedical context to understand patterns in medical education data. 

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Jake Lawson

Jake is an undergraduate at Cornell University!  Jake built custom language modeling interfaces for our SimCenterAI team.