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Our lab studies the role of protein homeostasis in lipid metabolism.

We seek to understand:

How does the lipid membrane of the ER influences protein turnover? To answer this question, we focus on the biochemical and biophysical activities of membrane-bound E3 ligases to understand how they respond to environmental stimuli, recognize substrates, and carry out their chemistry. 

How us protein folding and zymogen protease activation accomplished in the ER lumen? To answer this question, we are studying the structural and biochemical basis for the activation of a lipogenic protease in the secretory pathway by a chaperone protein.

Can we manipulate medically relevant protein-protein interactions in cells?

We will use any biochemical, biophysical, or cell-based method necessary to answer these questions! 

Schematic of research questions and methods

Lab News

Shrankhla joins the lab!

Shrankhla Bawaria joins the lab as a Postdoctoral Scholar. Welcome, Shrankhla!

Pankaj joins the lab!

Pankaj Kumar joins the lab as a Postdoctoral Scholar. Welcome, Pankaj!

Bilkish joins the lab!

Bilkish Bajaj joins the lab as a Research Scientist. Welcome, Bilkish!

Kober Lab Launches Fall 2022

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Contact Us

Email address: daniel.kober@utsouthwestern.edu
Phone Number: 214-648-4992

Mailing Address
5323 Harry Hines Blvd
Dallas, TX 75390


Join Our Lab

We are looking for motivated scientists to join our team!

Prospective students should apply to the Biological Chemistry or Molecular Biophysics programs.

Admitted students should contact Dr. Kober to discuss rotations.

Prospective postdocs should contact Dr. Kober with a statement of interest and CV with contact information for three references.