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For decades, the field of tuberculosis (TB) immunology has focused on T cell mediated protection, yet Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) still impacts one in four individuals worldwide today. While T cells are clearly important, gaps in this paradigm remain, and a role for the other arm of the immune system – humoral immunity – is less clear.

Our lab focuses on  a systems serology approach to show divergent humoral profiles in two classical human states of TB: latent infection (LTB), with no microbiological burden or signs and symptoms of disease yet a T cell signature of infection, and active TB disease (ATB), with the presence of detectable Mtb, signs and symptoms of disease, as well as a T cell signature of infection. 

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Dr. Lenette Lu

Lenette Lu M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Lu is a physician-scientist who studies and treats infectious diseases. While her clinical service is centered at Parkland, she spends most of her time in lab with a long-standing interest on the host relationship with microbes.

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